Dr. Marie Perkins

About Sensoria Wellness

Sensoria was created by Dr. Marie Perkins, AP, DOM, OTR/L, LMT of East West Healing Solutions based on the power of the human body to heal and regulate itself through the use of natural products stimulating the human senses. Essential oils have medicinal properties that have demonstrated the ability to shorten one’s healing cycle/recovery time and improve one’s well- being. When properly used these carefully blended oils stimulate nerve receptors associated with specific conditions. We include these healing oil blends in Sensoria products such as Bath Salts, Body Lotions, Teas, and Pure Essential Oil blends themselves. Our products were developed by experts from around the world. Our oils are put through exhaustive research including periodic chromatograph tests for purity. Our teas are grown only in farms above the pest level and not irrigated from ground water.

Our passion is to educate and assist every person on the wonders of our body’s ability to heal and be well naturally. We have surrounded ourselves with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in their field and are proud to bring these gifts from the earth to you.

Dr. Perkins is considered within the medical community to be one of the best “non-pharmaceutical” pain relief specialists. She has helped thousands of patients over the past 21 years reach their optimum health potential incorporating both Eastern and Western Medicine healing modalities.