Beyond The Bath

Sure, bath salts can smell great and help you look your best but there are also many benefits you can reap when you use them .  You will begin to notice a difference in your skin, you mood and more.  It is all part of healing your body through the senses!

When you use bath salts in their purest, natural form, you are getting the benefit of loads of beneficial minerals and nutrients.  These nutrients help keep your skin in the best shape!  They help to make your skin smooth, soft and supple.

Minerals That Pack A Punch!

Check out the minerals packed in bath salts to help make your skin the best it can be:
  • Magnesium – Helps fight stress and ward off fatigue
  • Potassium – balances water levels in the skin
  • Calcium – protects against water retention, promotes health bones and keeps osteoporosis at bay
  • Bromide – helps to sooth tired and sore muscles
  • Sodium – helps to manage the balance of lymphatic fluid in the body

With all of those benefits working for you, Sensoria’s bath salts truly heal through the senses!



Fatigue-BathSaltWhat makes bath salts so effective in helping your skin look its best is the fact that they are easily absorbed in to the skin’s pores.  PLUS, these minerals help to purify and cleanse our skin at the molecular level.  What does that mean to you?  It means you will be begin to notice an improvement in your skin’s radiance, tone and even it’s texture!





How do bath salts exactly detoxify our skin?  It all starts with a warm, relaxing bath!

  • Warm water opens our pores, inviting the minerals into your skin to start the deep cleanse
  • Impurities, pollution, oil and dirt are drawn out of the skin
  • The end result can make skin appear more youthful and may decrease the appearance of fine lines by plumping the skin and balancing moisture
Did you know?  Bath salts harvested from the Dead Sea have been shown to help treat and manage symptoms of such conditions as osteoarthritis and tendinitis.

By the Numbers:

Pain-BathsaltIn recent studies, people with these conditions were given a Dead Sea salt bath solution at levels of .5, 7.5 and 2 percent dead sea salt concentration.  The results came in!  This is what they found…The condition of those who received a solution with more Dead Sea salt improved after just a few weeks of treatment.
In similar studies people using bath salts recognized even more benefits!  It was reported that symptoms such as itchiness, insomnia and psoriasis seemed to lessen after bathing regularly with bath salts in just a few weeks!
Spoil yourself and do your body some good!  Treat yourself to the benefits of bath salts  and enjoy the feeling of being calm, relaxed, and happy.  Not only that, our bath salts blended with essential oils can also  prepare you for a good night’s sleep or if you take your bath first thing in the morning, our invigorate blend will perk you up, so you can start the day with focus and energy. The best part: you can enjoy the benefits of bath salts without any side effects. In addition, bath salts are safe for everyone, easy to use, and very affordable.