There is nothing more refreshing, relaxing and soothing than a great glass of freshly brewed tea!  Not only is it refreshing but it is good for you.  As a matter of fact, some refer to brewed tea as a SUPER food!  Some of the more popular types of teas are black, green, white and oolong.

pixabay cup-829527_640What makes teas a SUPER food is that they are full of polyphenols and rich in antioxidants.  What are polyphenols and antioxidants?  Besides being full of a lot of syllables they may help protect your body from some serious diseases.  For example, Polyphenols may help in the prevention of degenerative diseases such as cancer or possibly the onset of cardiovascular diseases.   Antioxidants are molecules that stops the oxidation of other molecules that produce free radicals. Bottom line, Polyphenols and antioxidants may be important in the process of detoxifying the body of damaging free radicals.


Studies suggest that 1 cup of tea may contain up to 5X more antioxidants that some fruits and vegetables!

How much tea does the trick?

Many suggest the best way to benefit from all that freshly brewed teas have to offer is to drink about 3 cups a day.  The best way to increase your intake of tea is to replace soft drinks for freshly brewed tea.

Check out some other added benefits that tea may have to offer:

  • It tastes great!
  • Burn fat
  • Help ward off weight gain
  • Sharpen your mind
  • Fight aging
  • Combat stress
  • It’s calorie FREE when you don’t add anything to it

What is the best way to brew the perfect cup of tea?

Here are some fun facts and tips to help you brew up the perfect cup!:

  • Fresh, loose leaves provide the most health benefits and flavor
  • The lighter the tea, the cooler the water – check out our water temperature chart
Tea Type Water Temperature Special Instructions Steep Time
White Tea 155° Let water rest 3 minutes before you pour 3-5 Minutes
Green Tea 165° Let water rest for 2 minutes before pouring 3-5 Minutes
Oolong Tea 200° Let the water rest 1 minute after boiling 3-5 Minutes
Black Tea 212° No resting

3-5 Minutes


pixabay tee-592047_640Understanding Tea and Color

Curious about what white tea is versus black?  We have you covered!  Check out the descriptions below!

White Tea:  The leaves are picked when they are young, making this tea the mildest in flavor of all the other.

Green Tea:  Typically from Asia, these leaves are heat-treated right after being picked.  This helps to keep the leaves fro oxidizing, resulting in a milder flavor.

Oolong Tea:  These leaves are withered and rolled by hand.  Oolong leave are partially oxidized prior to being fired in a pan or basked.  The flavor is bold like a black tea but has hints of green tea flavor.

Black Tea:  The strongest of all and possibly a little bitter in flavor.  These leaves are fully oxidized resulting in a darker liquid.

Herbal Teas:  These teas are mostly created from dried organics like fruit, flowers, herbs and spices.

What about caffeine?  Check out our pocket guide to caffeine below.  This will help you decide on the perfect cup to have to start your day or what you need to wind down!

White Tea Green Tea Oolong Tea Black Tea Herbal
Caffeine Per Cup 10 – 15mg 25 – 30mg 30 – 50mg 40-60mg 0mg

Ready to try your perfect cup?  Check out what Sensoria Wellness has to offer in the tea department.  You and your body will love the new discovery as we help you heal through the senses!