person-690112_1280Today, life speeds by us, piling on the demands.  If we don’t take care of ourselves and help the body overcome adrenaline, emotion, fatigue and overall stress, we will find ourselves in a situation where we succumb to sleeplessness, mood imbalances and the propensity to be stressed out!

Essential Oils

First used by the Egyptians, essential oils are recognized for their therapeutic properties. Healing properties can range anywhere from antibacterial to pain relief and even mood and emotions.

How do essential oils work for stress?  From a scientific perspective, it is believed that oils are effective due to the 50 million scent receptors in our nasal system. Those receptors connect to the body’s Limbic System.  The Limbic System is a complex structure that supports many areas including adrenaline, emotion behavior and motivation.

Sensoria Wellness and its team of professionals have crafted several blends of high quality essential oils and have identified 9 collections to help combat modern day ailments such as Fatigue, Pain and Stress.

CompleteS-tranquilityFor stress, Sensoria Wellness recommends three highly developed collections that not only include essential oils but also come with bath salts, body lotion and herbal teas.  Find the perfect collection for you based on what you are experiencing when it comes to stress.

Looking for more balance and serenity in your life?  You will want to get your hands on our “Centered Collection”.  If you need to become more relaxed and calm, our “Tranquility Collection” is the perfect mix for you!  Looking for a great night sleep where you wake up ready to face the day?  Don’t miss our “Rested Collection”.

All of our products are natural remedies made with the highest quality, therapeutic grade of ingredients for a safe and effective choice for your health and well-being!